Source Data Partners, Ltd.

Source Data Partners, Ltd. acquired by Source Data Acquisition, L.P.

Source Data Partners was a 20-year-old, privately-held outsourcing vendor of data processing services. The highly profitable company distinguished itself with its high levels of service and the most user-friendly product in the marketplace. Two equal shareholders that had originally founded the company both desired to retire. The shareholders had fine-tuned the company and groomed it for sale by including a detailed growth plan, which motivated the buyers.

In order to purchase the company, a group of private equity investors formed Source Data Acquisition, L.P. The investors understood Source Data’s market and purchased the company with specific plans to grow the business significantly. After the transaction, the buyers transitioned the management deliberately so operations could continue to run smoothly while allowing the prior shareholders to retire.

The shareholders of Source Data Partners retained C.V. Lemmon & Co. to serve as exclusive financial advisor. Our services included designing a comprehensive selling program, preparing offering materials, researching for and contacting numerous potential purchasers, evaluating proposals and coordinating negotiations through the closing for maximum value.

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