C.V. Lemmon & Co., Inc.

C.V. Lemmon & Co. is a 38-year-old privately held M&A Consulting Firm based in Dallas, Texas. With prior satellite offices in Houston, Austin, Fort Worth, and Oklahoma City, the firm built its reputation advising manufacturing, distribution, and service businesses focusing on:

Having supervised the writing of hundreds of offering memorandums while simultaneously managing numerous time intensive searches for buyers or sellers, C.V. Lemmon & Co. has simplified its business model. Charles Lemmon, President, is now advising two niche markets:

  • Sellers who have identified a buyer
  • Buyers who have identified a target company

Charles Lemmon (Merger & Acquisition Advisory texas) offers technical knowledge, deep experience, and introductions to valuable contacts. Clients benefit from an independent mentor advising what to anticipate in advance, how to manage risk, and how to properly structure successful transactions. Charles Lemmon can serve either as a supporting advisor or lead negotiator. Transaction Advisory Services are on-demand and paid by the hour.

Skilled executives may not have the specific expertise necessary to successfully evaluate, structure, negotiate, and execute a merger, acquisition, or corporate finance transaction. If you are an owner/seller and have identified a potential buyer(s), Charles Lemmon can serve as your veteran counselor. If you are a qualified buyer who has identified a target company, Charles Lemmon (Merger & Acquisition Consulting) can be your on-demand advisor assisting you to achieve your goal and keep you out of trouble.

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Why Choose Us

When a company weighs its options in selling a closely held business, the principals often wonder what an advisor can do to help? They ask questions about what we do and how our involvement impacts the transaction? The answers are pretty simple. We provide a plan, we bring deep experience, and we assist through the closing. At C.V. Lemmon & Co., these are things we can do for you.

When a seller engages an advisor, the message to a buyer is “This seller is serious.” The sellers aren’t just shopping the company; they have a plan. By having an advisor’s name linked to your name, you send clear signals of your intention to complete a transaction.

Nothing turns off potential buyers faster than dealing with a potential seller whose estimates of value are totally off base. At C.V. Lemmon & Co., we make certain that never happens. Our clients never approach the market with unrealistic expectations, either too high or too low. Once the seller knows what to expect during the process, why this is the right value range and how to make it happen, getting it done becomes almost automatic.

Our engagement tells prospective buyers that they aren’t the only dog in the hunt. If they are interested, they must take action. Whether there are two potential buyers or two hundred, it helps for them to know they must step up the pace or be left out of the race.

Typically, a one-on-one buyer immediately asks a seller to negotiate only with him. He wants to limit the opportunity and gain an advantage in the negotiations. “Without paying for it, he will ask for a right of first refusal at his option without terms or consideration.” To a seller this seems like a reasonable request. It is especially difficult to refuse if he is the favored buyer although accepting these terms may not be in the seller’s best interest. Working as an advisor and intermediary, C.V. Lemmon & Co. deflects these questions and puts the onus back on the buyer to get something on the table. This way, we can negotiate with other buyers, or retain the option to do so in order to keep things moving along.

Our magic, or as close as we come to it, is having more expertise. We are certain to be more informed and better documented than the buyer. Rarely do we suggest a selling price to a buyer. Instead, we use preparation and presentation to support a targeted range of value. We aren’t sellers. We are full-time advisors. We come with facts to support our range. Once the range is established, we use more facts and competition to achieve a sale at the high end of an expected range, not the low end, as the buyer would have preferred.

Business owners are not in the habit of buying or selling businesses. It’s just not what they do on a daily basis. At C.V. Lemmon & Co., we have the expertise to get you the best value for your business. Our experience has taught us the numerous small ways that you can improve your company’s value. Small changes in multiples create big changes in net proceeds.

The biggest fear of many business owners contemplating a transaction is their intentions will leak out. We can be totally invisible to the business or interact in some other stated capacity. The confidentiality of the process is one of our highest priorities.

In packaging your company, and in presentations to prospective buyers, we can say certain things as factual disclosure or informed opinion that sound differently than if they had come directly from you. Our company is a respected third party, and our statements carry additional credibility.

When you bought your house, did you say anything to the realtor that you didn’t say to the seller? Buyers often express themselves more candidly to us than they might in a face-to-face meeting with you. Because we’re neither the buyer nor the seller, we absorb that information dispassionately and respond appropriately. Serving in your best interest, we can convey the buyer’s reactions to you in a manner that allows you to capitalize on the issues.

A great goal for negotiations is to get everybody most of what they want and maintain the relationship for the future. That’s why, while we handle the negotiations, you can sit back and react intelligently to the other side without being a direct part of the negotiations. After the transaction is complete, you may continue to have some involvement with the business. This will be easier if you have not experienced direct, face-to-face tensions with the buyer.

Sellers normally want to sell stock. Buyers normally want to buy assets. Right from the start, we guide the discussion toward your preferences, positioning the transaction to suit your needs.

Nowhere is Murphy’s Law more distressing than at the closing table. Thanks to our years of experience, we eliminate foreseeable glitches through prior preparation. Sometimes, though, last-minute issues are entirely unpredictable. That’s when we employ our professionalism, diligence and diplomacy to make sure they’re resolved quickly and appropriately.

We’re not bragging. We say that “we’re worth it” honestly and humbly. We say that because our clients tell us so. Why else would they return to us for additional assignments? Why else would they send us so many referrals? Because they are happy with our work, that’s why – and we’re happy to do it for them.

Oftentimes, sellers who represent themselves typically have a much lower success rate than we do. We have a very high percentage of transactions close on the first or second try. Obviously, this saves a lot of time, trouble and, potentially, value for our clients.